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Project Updates


posted Mar 19, 2014, 4:06 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

A. Converter:
        1. Due to different handling of text formatting by Open Office and LibreOffice, processing of empty tags such as <strong></strong>, <sup/><sup> etc. was improved. Now, no empty tag is left in the converted FB2 file irrespective of the office suite used.
        2. Improved handling of program listings when they contain text with bulleted/numbered lists.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Text Corrector.

            a) To the tab of “Hyphens, dashes, and other” a NEW group of “Numbered and bulleted lists” is added with the option of “Replace dash and hyphen bullets in direct speech with dashes or hyphens”. By default, the option is off. It is relevant to the literature that has direct speech (fiction books).
            The option takes into account some OCR features: Often when OCRing text, the markers of direct speech (m dash —, n-dash –, numerical dash, hyphen, minus hyphen -) are recognized by the OCR tool (FineReader) as bullets. And when converting, such direct speech with markers can be handled by the Converter not as direct speech but as a bulleted list, and the marker will be preceded by several space symbols (as set forth in the settings of the Converter). When this option is on during text correction, the Corrector will replace the markers of direct speech with the equivalent characters and remove the bulleted list marker in such paragraphs.
            For the Fiction profile, the option of “Replace dash and hyphen bullets in direct speech with dashes or hyphens” is turned on automatically. For other profiles it’s off. But for any profile you can turn it on/off manually.


posted Nov 21, 2013, 9:24 PM by Вадим Кузнецов   [ updated Nov 21, 2013, 9:24 PM ]

A. Converter:           
        1. NEW: For all operating systems, the generation of a full GUID for fb2 file ID is implemented. If, for any reason, GUID could not be generated (uuidgen utility not found for Mac OS X, Linux and/or other system except Windows, or for another reason), the GUID is generated based on the time and the random number generator.
        Windows requires no extra software to install (the generator utility is included into OOoFBTools). For Mac OX X, Linux and other Unix systems, uuidgen must be installed. Usually it is installed by default in OS distros. To check this, run in the console: uuidgen. If uuidgen is installed, you will see the GUID. If it’s missing in the system, install uuid-runtime or libuuid1 package.
        2. Improved ergonomics of the Fb2 Properties Editor shape.
        3. Simplified post-processing: cleanup of the generated fb2 code.
        4. Slightly reduced dimensions of the Settings dialog to work on laptops.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Interactive footnote/endnote generation
            a) NEW: Now the tools handles footnotes/endnotes numbered not only with superscript numbers, but also with digits with full stops (no superscript). For example: "4. Footnote/endnote text." Introduced search for footnote/endnote numbers in the note lists: 1. as numbers with full stops. 2. As superscript numbers. The color marking of footnote/endnote numbers in the text and the note lists is also dependent on the search mode selected.
        2. Text Corrector.
            a) NEW: Added an option to insert a non-breaking space between the day and the month, such as 19 January, January 19th…
            b) The form dimensions reduced to make it fit on 15" laptop screens of 1366x768 pixels. For this, the Corrector options are split to 2 selectable tabs: "Spaces, paragraphs, and breaks" and "Hyphens, dashes, and other."


posted Nov 18, 2013, 3:40 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

A. Converter:           
        1. NEW: Export of nested bulleted / numbered / picture lists in text, sidebars, tables. Nesting is simulated by non-breaking spaces, the number of which can be set in the Converter preferences. The default is 3 non-breaking spaces.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Text Corrector.
            a) Improved performance of Replace minus with n-dash between numbers. Now, it replaces with n-dashes not only minus signs, but also hyphens and m-dashes. Now, the option’s name is Replace minus, hyphen, m-dash with n-dash between numbers.


posted Nov 5, 2013, 5:53 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

A. Text Correction Tools:
        Critical update: In LibreOffice 4.x and Apache OpenOffice 4.x, the search and replace with regular expressions is broken resulting in garbled document text.
        1. Text Corrector.
            a) A bug to fix in the option of Replace with dashes hyphens or minus signs used instead of dashes between words. Fixed.
            b) Replacing of multiple spaces between words with one space/tab now ignores superscipt/subscript numbers. Otherwise, the very first letter after such numbers was converted into superscipt/subscript.
        2. OCR formatting errors:
            a) Improved operation of the tool when processing quotes — looping protection.


posted Oct 24, 2013, 5:33 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. General:
        1. As requested by Ukrainian users, for LibreOffice / Apache OpenOffice localized to Ukrainian the names of menu items, toolbars and messages from all tools and the Converter are displayed in Russian rather than in English
        2. The About OOoFBTools dialog is amended with information about OOoFBTools websites to download new releases.
    B. Text Correction Tools:           
        1. Text Corrector.

            a) Critical update: fixed error when inserting a non-breaking space in abbreviations.
        2. Interactive footnote generation:
            a) The tool operation improved.


posted Oct 1, 2013, 10:42 PM by Вадим Кузнецов

 А. Converter:           
     1. Critical update: fix the bug generating images for Win 7/8


posted Sep 3, 2013, 2:41 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

A. Converter:
        1. Fixed the old bug in the Genres handling.
        2. NEW: For Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other *nixes, fb2 files now can be validated after export (the on/off option is in the Converter settings). Previously, the validation worked only in Windows.
        To validate an fb2 file in a Unix system, xmllin utility must be installed (normally, it is included into the libxml2-utils package).
        3. Now, all messages of the fb2 file validation results have a uniform appearance in all operating systems.
    B. Validator Tool:
        1. NEW: For Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other *nixes, a selected fb2 file now can be validated. Previously, the validation worked only in Windows.
        2. Now, all messages of the fb2 file validation results have a uniform appearance in all operating systems.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Numbering of selected paragraphs:
            a). After the number, a non-breaking space is added.
        2. Inserting bullets at the beginning of specified paragraphs:
            a). After the bullet, a non-breaking space is added.
            b). The selection of bullets to insert is significantly expande


posted Aug 30, 2013, 3:20 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Converter
        1. NEW: In the genres scheme selector, the scheme from LibRusEc added with a much larger number of genres.
        2. Bug fixed - the data of the FB2 properties dialog in the converter did not save upon clicking on Save fb2 properties, as it should be, but on exit. Fixed.
    B. Validator:
        1. New: The Validator now provides for selection of a FictionBook scheme. The fb2 LibRusEc scheme differs from fb2.1 or fb2.2 only by a much larger genres list. When validating, be careful in selecting the genres scheme. If a book is created with the support of the LibRusEc list of genres and the book has genres unique to this scheme, but you have chosen for the Validator the scheme of fb2.1 or fb2.2, the Validator will report an invalid fb2 file (and will be absolutely right).
    B. Help:
        1. Changes in the part of conversion - the selection of the genres scheme.
        2. Changes in the part of the Validator - the selection of the genres scheme.


posted Aug 6, 2013, 3:29 AM by Вадим Кузнецов


Released version 2.2

posted Apr 19, 2012, 4:34 AM by Yegor Chemisov

New version of OOoFBTools was released.

You can download new version there:

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