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posted Apr 21, 2015, 11:45 PM by Вадим Кузнецов

In connection with the rejection of domain, all data on projects OOoFBTools and SharpFBTools will be placed only on the new site
All news, discussion forum and wishes - is only available and


posted Mar 26, 2015, 3:16 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Converter:

        1). Fixed bug. When exporting docx files, in some cases fb2 file was invalid due to non-printable characters in docx (
        2). Fixed bug. Restored progress bar during document analysis.
        3). Fixed bug. When exporting a file without footnotes, the output file is still written with a footnotes section (bug
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Text Corrector Tool:
            a) Fixed bug. If some text is pasted from the clipboard to Writer, the Corrector does not process all flaws, and after export some leading spaces in paragraphs remain (


posted Mar 19, 2015, 9:09 PM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Converter
        1. Fixed bug: If there is only an image between headings, this results in an invalid fb2 file. Now, an empty paragraph is inserted after it.
        2. Fixed bug: In footnote/endnote text, only headings are present (in violation of the scheme). Protection for such cases is implemented.
        3. Fixed bug: In certain cases, the algorithm of generation of links from different paragraphs to different parts of the same paragraph failed. The algorithm has been rewritten from scratch.
        4. Improved export of footnotes/endnotes with links.
        5. The export dialog, when displaying the converter progress, now displays the result for each step. I. e., the number of exported covers, footnotes/endnotes, etc. is displayed.  (RFE:
        6. Fb2 styles panel
            a) For the code style, new features added. Now, when the style code is applied to program listings, all multiple conventional spaces within simple text, as well as all single and multiple starting spaces are replaced by non-breaking spaces.
        7. Converter settings:
            a) Removed the option of Process empty tags (</x><x>, <x></x>, </x> <x> and <x> </ x>). (removal of tag pairs such as <strong/></strong>, </strong><strong>, <strong/> </strong>, </strong> <strong>, etc. in the generated fb2 file). Now, such tag pairs are always removed from the resulting fb2 file.
            b) NEW option: The group of Text preprocessing, the option of Remove unused bookmarks (nothing refers to them) in the entire document. By default, the option is off. This option is intended to remove all bookmarks that are not linked to from the document. Otherwise, in the resulting fb2 file such bookmarks will be converted to the attributes of tags id <p> / F?. Because nothing links to them in the text, those attributes will be redundant.
            If this option is enabled in the settings, after text pretreatment the document is automatically saved and reloaded. The dialog appears for export to the fb2 format.
        8. Fb2 properties editor:
            a) Tags of the book description for UDC, copyright now have attributes in both English and in Russian (RFE
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Automatic markup for program listings tool:
            a) Changed algorithm. Now, when analyzing the text and marking up program listings not only multiple spaces within the program listings, but also single starting spaces are converted to non-breaking spaces.
        2. Text Yofication tool:
            a) The word database is amdended with “всё-таки” (bug
        3. Delete all objects in document tool:
            a) Fixed bug: Now bookmarks not linked to are removed FROM ALL objects such as text, tables, frames, footnotes and endnotes.



posted Feb 4, 2015, 10:58 PM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Converter:

        1. A generated fb2 file would not validate with the LitRPG (sf_litrpg) genre of the Flibusta scheme. Fixed.
        2. Fb2 styles panel:
            a) Fixed the style creation algorithm. In certain situations, documents processed with older OOoFBTools versions are being formatted with fb2 styles in newer OOoFBTools versions. Due to a LO bug, the Quotation style won’t be created in a document. Therefore, such documents won’t contain the Quotation style when working with fb2 styles.
            Fixed. Now, the Quotation style will be created also for documents initially processed with older OOoFBTools versions and continued to be processed with newer OOoFBTools versions.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Document formatting tool:
            a) New option setting 0 character spacing (remove expanded or condensed spacing).
            b) New option setting 100% character scale width.
        2. In new LO 4.4.0, the Text formatting tool stopped working. Fixed.
        3. In new LO 4.4.0, the Delete objects tool stopped working. Fixed.



posted Jan 15, 2015, 12:46 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Revised English localization of the tools (special thanks to Dmitri Gabinski):

        1. Text Corrector
        2. Clear paragraph formatting
        3. Placement of accent marks for Russian vowels
        4. QWERT -> ЙЦУКЕ -> QWERT
        5. Manual processing of paragraphs
    B. Converter:
        1. Fb2 styles panel
            a) Added a new code style for paragraphs and characters.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Clear paragraph formatting tool works again
        2. Text Corrector Tool:
            a) All options of processing minuses, hyphens and dashes now process minus signs (U+2212).
            b) Options for graphics processing removed.
        3. Automatic markup for program listings tool
            a) Fixed tool crashes.
        4. Document formatting tool:
            a) New options to change anchoring, text wrap, horizontal and vertical alignment for all graphics in document.


posted Sep 23, 2014, 1:17 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Revised English localization of the tools (special thanks to Dmitri Gabinski):
        1. Search for OCR errors in text.
        2. OCR formatting errors:
        3. Join broken lines and paragraphs.
    B. Converter:
        1. Fixed bug. LibreOffice no longer could see the localized style name of Цитата, that is, began to perceive only Quotations (OpenOffice still works correctly with the localized style name of Цитата). This resulted in failure to export quotations. Fixed.
        2. Completely redesigned loading of styles to document. Now the styles are not loaded from templates but are created when the fb2 styles panel opens for the first time. This allowed to bypass the old bug in LibreOffice when in Windows 7.x/8.x the styles could load for tens of minutes depending on the document size. Now the fb2 styles panel launches almost instantly on any operating system.
        3. Fb2 properties editor:
            a) NEW: The paper book description data tab is amended with input fields for UDC, BBK and Copyright mark.
        4. The book description dialog (fb2 properties):
            a) NEW: The Custom Info tab is amended with a drop-down list of ready-made user-defined types: copyright, editor, etc.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. The tool of Insert selected marker symbol to the beginning of selected paragraphs:
            a) Fixed bug that resulted in some cases in deletion of the first letter of a paragraph.
        2. NEW tool: Document formatting. Allows formatting a document according to specified criteria: page size and orientation, margins from the borders of paragraphs, typeface and font size, embedding graphic links into a document, and much more.




posted Aug 25, 2014, 5:07 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

    A. Converter:

        1. Improved handling of images in html files that embed graphics as base64 code (Open/LibreOffice cannot properly open and display such html, and the picture shows up as base64 code in the document text). The Converter would crash on such files.
        2. Improved handling of very long lines in document – the Converter would crash in some cases.
        3. An old bug fixed: freshly installed OOoFBTools (no settings file) produced incorrect export (no name for the Notes Section, incorrectly exported frames – as tables rather than structures…). Fixed.
        4. In version 2.28, export of footnotes with the text of complex structures was broken. Fixed.
        5. Now, a document is reloaded before export only when the document has bitmap images (with vector images and text frames in the text, reloading a document before conversion is no longer needed).
        6. Now, a check is performed to see if a fb2 file already exists. In the export dialog, a tick box is added that, when ticked, overwrites an existing fb2 file with a new one produced by the Converter. If unticked, and the fb2 file already exists, a message shows up about suggesting to change the name of the generated fb2  file.
        7. Increased number of kinds of exported vector graphics.
        8. NEW: Now, when a document has several bookmarks in the same paragraph with links there from different parts of the document, all such links will point to the paragraph. Previously, in such a situation only one link was operations, and other ones would point to nowhere.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Text Corrector.

            a) NEW option: Embedding graphics into a document. Very useful when working with a text that contains links to graphics located on the hard disk. With this option enabled, the Text Corrector embeds such images directly into the text (and they can be deleted from the hard drive). In other words, the images after processing are in the document. This option is enabled by default for all profiles of the Corrector.
            b) Improved processing logic for punctuation, quotation marks, brackets and minus sign, n/m-dashes, hyphens. This is particularly good for text recognized by the last release of FineReader 2012.
        2. NEW tool: "Delete all objects in document". Gives a choice to remove all objects such as:
            1) Text frames;
            2) Table (all or only nested in cells of other tables). Tables with protected cells are also removed;
            3) Bookmarks (all or unused only - which are not referred to by any object in the document);
            4) Bitmap graphics;
            5) Vector graphics;
            6) Embedded objects (OLE, charts, formulas, presentations, spreadsheets, flowcharts, LineArt lettering, etc.).

Download OOoFBTools-2.29


posted Jul 29, 2014, 4:46 AM by Вадим Кузнецов   [ updated Jul 30, 2014, 12:41 AM ]

    A. General:

        1. The license version changed to GPLv3.
        2. Updated Help sections describing instruments for which modifications were implemented.
    B. Converter:
        1. Fb2 styles panel:
            a) New option: F1 … F10 for Headings. With this option enabled, the heading styles of Heading 1 … Heading 10 can be applied by pressing the F1 … F10 function keys. These keys will only work when the Fb2 styles panel is open! After closing the fb2 styles panel, the F1 … F10 keys don’t apply the Heading 1 … Heading 10 styles anymore and revert to their initial functions. The same happens after unticking “F1 … F10 for Headings” on the open fb2 styles panel.
        2. Fixed bug: when exporting endnotes, invalid fb2 was produced.
        3. When converting a document with images, manually restarting the office suite is no longer needed to correctly export images. The Converter will do it automatically. Restarting will occur only for a document containing bitmap or vector graphics, as well as text frames.
        4. Improved input of book dates. Previously, an invalid input of such a date resulted in invalid fb2.
        Date (text) is set as follows: YYYY. Date (value) is set as follows: YYYY-MM-DD. For clarity, visualizing of date input format for Date (text) and Date (value) is implemented. Also, when saving the set fb2 document properties verification of Book date compliance with this format and range is introduced, which must fit into the days of each month, and the months must be in the range from 01 to 12.
    B. Text Correction Tools:
        1. Text Corrector.
            a) Enhanced options of handling minus, dash and hyphen characters. Now, their combination with unbreakable spaces is taken into account.
            b) New option: Replace hyphens and minuses with dashes in direct speech.
            c) Fixed bug: In the words such as “Ye-e-e-ah,” “Uh-uh-uh,” etc. only the first hyphen was replaced with an m-dash. Now, all hyphens/minuses are replaced.
        2. NEW tool: Interactive conversion of nested tables to text. The tool will be useful for conversion to fb2 of a document containing nested tables (the converter won’t export such ones).
        3. Join Break Lines and Paragraphs Tool:
            a) Improved algorithm.
            b) NEW option for joining broken paragraph lines: Paragraph Indent. For details, see Help for Join Break Lines and Paragraphs Tool.
            c) NEW option for joining broken paragraph lines: Break of sentences in paragraph on lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, quotation marks and parentheses. That is, BEFORE the break there can be any letter (UPPERCASE or lowercase), a closing quotation mark such as a double quotation mark or a guillemet, a closing parenthesis of any type, or a punctuation mark (,:,). But, as the name of the tool suggests, when a break is followed by the word starting with an UPPERCASE letter, no joining will happen. This limitation of the algorithm is introduced in order to prevent accidentally joining paragraphs and headings of text sections.
        4. Interactive Footnote Generation Tool:
            a) Improved algorithm intelligence.

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Very important message about transferring projects to the new site

posted May 29, 2014, 3:03 AM by Вадим Кузнецов   [ updated May 29, 2014, 3:03 AM ]

Due to recent trends of the termination of Google Code development, the projects of OOoFBTools and SharpFBTools have moved
The above projects won’t use Google Code for further development.


posted May 29, 2014, 1:15 AM by Вадим Кузнецов

A. Converter:
        1. Added support of Flibusta web site genre schemes (fb2 properties dialog of the Converter and Favorite genres dialog).
        2. Small fixes of the Converter for generating better tag semantics.
    B. Validator:
        1. Added support of Flibusta site genres scheme.
    C. Text correction tools:
        1. Yoficator:

            a) Updated word base: now the word “отеле” is not replaced with “отёле”. This word is deemed an ambiguous word.

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